Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Garrett’s 1st Birthday


Jett and Jake seem to think Garrett shouldn’t get clothes for his birthday…. I’m wondering why he got Bud Light???


Elly got him a shape bucket, because he likes the one at Grandmas house. 


His Mommy and Daddy got him a bead maze, I think it’s his favorite.


Can I have it mom?     Please!!


He bearly got messy but he loved all the attention.


Here is the sweater that Adam wore when he was 2 so the girls thought it would be fun to have Garrett sit on Adam’s lap and make their mother cry.  Adam had that white hair just like him…. where does the time go? 

I’m not so sure I could have stuck that toothbrush in my mouth…. it’s usually dripping with Garrett drool.


Then Jett was wearing an Adam t-shirt too….. those girls are not nice to their mother. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween adn Garrett's 1st Birthday

Here is the birthday boy in his giraffe costume, with of course his toothbrush. He can now walk all over, get himself up without help and can even walk while dragging his blankie between and under his feet. At one point we even found him almost completely upstairs.... I guess that means he can climb steps really fast.

Elly loving her picture taken with Mallory.

Miss El the kitty cat sporting her new haircut.

Here's all three of them. Garrett can hardly move, Mally can't see and El refuses to wear her ears. Gotta love Halloween.

Elly (6.5 years) and Garrett (1 year)