Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breakfast Nook

How about another peek at the house? I LOVE it. Now lets find me a black table.... come on garage sales!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garrett 4 months


I get behind when having to post multiple pictures since blogger drives me crazy with where it decides to put my pictures and where it decides to do the spacing between paragraphs so I’m trying out Lynn’s new Windows Live Writer to see if I like it when posting more than 1 photo.

So here’s Garrett’s 4 month photos…. 19 days late.



I should attach a balloon to this basket…. hummm now that’s a good idea!!


He kinda grew too big for his rusty ole’ dump truck…



And of course I have to include the big sister. 


and the same in color


Okay this post was somewhat easier using this Live Writer but I don’t like the size of the photos and if I change them to medium or large they are off the page.  Nope don’t like it…. sorry Lynn, Dad just asked me what I was shaking my head about…… this is has the same frustrations for me….

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get Color

I finally got to put some color on the walls, now most of the downstairs walls coordinate with each other. Here is the primer going one, look how not homey this looks.... ignore the mess, I used this as an obstacles course for more exercise.

Now check out the color, homey feeling now. You would never believe this little space was so much work. I think I even had one sweat bead on my body.... for me that's a workout considering I have only sweat one day in my life.

So while I'm up on the ladder I feel this strange sensation, it was like someone brushed by me slightly hitting my clothing, it was like a tingly sensation that started on my back and went down my arm and immediately the TV snapped and shut off. El was upstairs playing and no one else was in the house with me. I got down off the ladder looking around wondering what happened, for a moment I thought the electricity shut off. I tried to turn the TV back on and nothing happened, it was dead. The dish was still on so I knew the outlet was okay. When John came home I told him what happened and as he's looking at me kinda like "okay honey whatever" he touched the TV and the static that was on it was amazing. You could hear it snapping and popping when he touched the screen, more than normal. We're not really sure what happened yet, maybe I have electrical powers from being struck by lightning 20 years ago and just never knew it, or maybe the ghost that lives here doesn't like my color choices. So hence the little TV we brought down from the bedroom.... dang I didn't want to buy a new TV.