Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Colors

Here all the fall colors in Medford. I can't believe we are that far ahead of Appleton (check out Lynn's blog on the right). This tree is on the way to Wausau and it was so pretty being the only red tree. This was on Friday and today there's not many green leaves anymore.

Gotta love the fall colors but I enjoy summer and I'm so not ready for it to come to an end.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Family Party - My oldest sister was home this weekend so we had a little get together at the Sport's Page. It was Sharon and Brad's birthday and Sharon and Bruce's Anniversary. I thought everyone would like a few pictures of the party so here they are.

Joanne, Sharon and Dad gambling.

Happy Birthday Sharon


Happy Anniversary Dad and Joanne
And doesn't that look like me behind Sharon and Dad? I looked at this picture and I knew I took it but how could I get back there.... It's Gayle!!

Shannon told me the other day that she seen Gayle and couldn't get over how much she could see me in her, Shannon said it was so weird because she hadn't noticed that before and neither did I but WOW Gayle you are one hot babe!! LOL

Here's Elly and Xavier playing race cars. They played so well together, Elly cried when she had to leave because she was having so much fun playing with her "new friends".

Xander had to show me his boo boo on his hand.

Does Xander's grandpa have a boo boo on his hand too. I didn't even realize that I got both their pictures with their hands up until I downloaded them. Xander is just like his grandpa...
Happy Birthday Brad

Here's Dad with all his Son-in-laws. Who's the favorite??

Bruce, Bill, Dad, John and Brad

Then here is Dad with his only son... that was there at the time. Terry is the #1 son, first time ever that the youngest is #1.

Terry, Ian and Dad

And Dad with all his girls, as always standing in order. We never take a picture when we are out of order, it just wouldn't be right.

Sharon, Starla, Dad, Gayle, DiAnn and Connie

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nature Walk

Okay so I didn't see this buck on my nature walk. John and Ken got a new trail camera and this little buck decided to pose for the guys to prove the camera is working.

Here is my nature walk. It was such a nice day and so beautiful in the woods, I could have taken hundreds of pictures but I controlled myself to about 75. These are my favorite berry trees, they are everywhere this year.

Here is the mushroom I went out for. These mushrooms are so huge and all over. I had a hard time trying to decide which one to post here. Then since the mushrooms grow so close to the ground I was basically standing on my head and laying on the ground to get the best angle.... and lost my lens cap.... the dangers of getting into the moment.

A bright fern in the sunlight.

One of the paths in the woods, still looking like summer but not for long.

I'm sure I'll be back as we head to fall so keep checking back if you want to watch the seasons change through One Photo at a Time.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

1st day of school

Here are the two school kids. Elly is ready to go to Kelly's to wait for her first day of school. She will eat breakfast, play, eat lunch and then go to school and the big bus. Her teacher is Miss. Amanda and she couldn't be more excited. Adam gets the hugs before she leaves, he is just getting out of bed.

Isn't she the cutest little Pre-K girl you ever seen?

She loves to have poses now like Top Model that she watches on TV.

Her first day of school was overwhelming for her, she was excited but still scared about getting on the bus by herself. Mommy was there to help her actually get up the bus steps, since she wasn't about to do it herself.
Grandma, Kelly, Mommy and all the daycare kids were waiting for the big girl to get off the bus after school. She cried a little when she got off. She didn't like the big man that sat in her seat and said "Get Over". From what we can make of the story it sounds like a 4th or 5th grader sat with her and she doesn't like it.
She was so proud of what she did at school that she had to show Grandma some of her papers from the first day.

And here is Adam (Junior Year) doesn't he look excited?