Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garrett 4 months


I get behind when having to post multiple pictures since blogger drives me crazy with where it decides to put my pictures and where it decides to do the spacing between paragraphs so I’m trying out Lynn’s new Windows Live Writer to see if I like it when posting more than 1 photo.

So here’s Garrett’s 4 month photos…. 19 days late.



I should attach a balloon to this basket…. hummm now that’s a good idea!!


He kinda grew too big for his rusty ole’ dump truck…



And of course I have to include the big sister. 


and the same in color


Okay this post was somewhat easier using this Live Writer but I don’t like the size of the photos and if I change them to medium or large they are off the page.  Nope don’t like it…. sorry Lynn, Dad just asked me what I was shaking my head about…… this is has the same frustrations for me….


The Rau's said...

4 months already?! pretty soon they'll be 18! Cute pictures.

Jules said...

I love the Live Writer. As for the size of the pictures, you can customize them. They don't have to be just the sm md or lg. Just change the number in the first box and it will automatically adjust the second box. You can customize the picture to any size. Hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe the kids are so big already! They are adorable! You took some awesome pics!