Saturday, May 16, 2009

Greenhouse and Winery

My sisters and I went greenhouse hopping today and boy do I have stories to tell you. There is never a dull moment when we get together. So I'm very sick but I was not letting these girls go without me, what am I gonna do at home while I'm sick anyway?? We took off about 2ish and since I didn't take anything to help my flu I could drive, I have the biggest truck and when we go shopping we need the biggest truck we can get. My sister DiAnn wasn't with us, she was at the winery that morning and so far we still couldn't find her. By the time we got out of town we found her so we waited at the local tavern (outside in the parking lot, we're good Catholic girls, but it is 5 o'clock somewhere). So now we talk with DiAnn and she tells us all the new wine they have at the winery..... hummmm let's go there first, see I told you it was 5 0'clock. We all tasted and bought a few bottles of wine, my voice is back to normal.....I'm we're off to the greenhouses.

We find the first one and it's crowded, we grab a cart and start filling it with fun plants and Starla had a very pretty hanging basket. We couldn't get the cart down one of the houses so we leave it at the entrance and we're gone for about 15 minutes, we come back and Starla's hanging basket is gone. This is worse than the day after Thanksgiving Day Sales, people are stealing plants.... we find the guy who stole the planter and confront him.

Starla - "That's my planter"
Guy - "Nope I bought it"
Starla - "You took it off our cart"
Guy - "No that guy over there helped me find it"
Starla - "That's my plant, you took it off my cart"
Guy - licking his ice cream cone "Nope it's mine"

Starla and Gayle go find the lady who owns the shop and explain to her and see if she can help them find another one just like it. The lady puts out an Amber Alert.... not kidding, she alerts all the checkers that if anyone tries to buy a basket like the one in that guys cart to call her back up there. The lady asks the man where he found the planter and he said "that guy helped me", she says "that man doesn't work here". It's really getting weird now!! Well they found another one just like it and now we are getting out of there. Plant thief, be careful they're everywhere.

Now we're traveling down the road and Gayle is giving directions but she calls Bill because something doesn't look right. Here's her conversations

Gayle - "Billy, what's that road that's off of 29?"
Gayle - "yep that one when your going that way and we want to go to that one town"
Gayle - "Oh that's right we're going the wrong way"
Gayle - "yep that road in that one town"
Gayle - "okay thanks, now I know where I am"

WHAT???? what the heck kind of conversation is that? How the heck does Bill know what she's talking about? I think they talk in a foreign language but we turned around and sure enough she knew where she needed to go. Who needs a GPS???

About 3 greenhouses later we have the truck loaded down with plant. As I'm loading my plants a man and his wife walk by and he laughs at how full the truck is. I tell him "Hey we still have open cup holders inside the truck so this is nothing" By the time we drove home we had one cup holder full and the backseat was full. Ahhhh the trill of flower shopping!! We stopped at 2 more places after this picture.

So after we're all done we celebrate with a bottle of wine.

We were missing our sister Sharon so we toasted to Sharon, the queen of gardening..... living in her zone 5 and up. No I'm not jealous!!

Then Gayle found a replacement for Sharon so she could pour the wine for us.

Look at her hangging onto that wine bottle and not sharing with us!!


Emmerichs Events said...

Looks like you had a great time and looks like my truck when I go plant shopping. I also tried the new wines at Munson Brige a few weeks ago when they had a wine tasting. They were awesome - Did you try the new Maple Syrup Wine - Sounded awful but tastes great. We bought a few bottles of the new ones too.

DEB said...

I'm kinda jelous of Sharon's Zone 5