Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grandchildren fun

 I love to spend time with the kids and the grandkids, they are getting to be so much fun but poor El has a hard time understanding that Grandma isn't only hers anymore.  She wants to play games and the other two either can't be near the small pieces or they want to play too.  Garrett decided he wanted to play Uno with us and to her that was the worst thing ever but he thought he was a big boy playing games with Grandma (Ma to him) and Elly.

Garrett being a big boy while Elly pouts

Ma trying to explain to Garrett how to play the game.

Toy box fun, let's all get inside and see who we can squish.

Miss Mallory played so hard and so good, she is such a good baby.  As long as there are toys she is happy.

I hope I'm playing peek-a-boo with Mallory or these three are really getting to me.

Everything about this next photo is wrong, it's out of focus it's over-exposed and it's just not a technically good photo but I love it.  I'm not sure what Lynn said to us but it must have made all of us open our eyes really wide.... so funny.  Our grandchildren are not going to remember the days I made them dress in good clothes, sit in a certain spot, smile at the camera at a certain time.... they will remember the times Grandma got on the floor and played with them!!

Mallory still playing all by herselft while Elly and I try to get a quick game of Uno in.

Treasure your time with your kids, they grow up too fast.  Now I enjoy the days they come over to hang out, eat pizza and just play.....  of course we usually have a sleep over guest after days like this..... someone still needs her Grandma alone time  : )


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