Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let me check you for TICKS!

and.... step on your already skinned up toes, burn your leg, slap you in the face with a very big weed, run the side of your head into a stick hanging over the trail, lose your hat on the road and then bruise your butt cheek between the bar and seat cushion..... John and I took a romantic ride on the 4-wheeler tonight to see if it was fixed. Those of you reading this that aren't married or have less than 20 years..... this type of date is not recommended. It may cause the girl to run as fast as she can and never come back.

Along with the story comes a picture..... of course.

John's supervisior Mark was in a car accident Tuesday and is in the Chicago hospital. He had surgery yesterday, we are all praying for his full recovery. John had been asked to go on the trip with Mark for some reason he decided not to. We are thankful that John didn't go but the what if's and the fact that Mark was seriously injuried are still weighing on our minds. Mark is not only John's supervisior but also a very good friend to us. We send lots of {{hugs}} to Mark and his family.

Please help us to send lots of prayers to Mark and his family to help them find the strength they will need in the next weeks. God Bless!


Lynn said...

Okay that "date" was so funny! I laughed out loud.

I will send up a prayer for Mark and his family. This whole accident just is too close to home for me.

Lynn said...

Oh, and thank you so much for blogging a new post this fast! I couldn't take that spider showing up on my screen everytime I checked to see if you blogged.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I laughed so hard I almost peed myself- I think next time John should take you out for a nice steak dinner...LOL-Lisa
PS- And Lynn I agree about the whole spider thing- I didn't like him either- Adam nees to get a beer pet.