Monday, September 24, 2007


Family Party - My oldest sister was home this weekend so we had a little get together at the Sport's Page. It was Sharon and Brad's birthday and Sharon and Bruce's Anniversary. I thought everyone would like a few pictures of the party so here they are.

Joanne, Sharon and Dad gambling.

Happy Birthday Sharon


Happy Anniversary Dad and Joanne
And doesn't that look like me behind Sharon and Dad? I looked at this picture and I knew I took it but how could I get back there.... It's Gayle!!

Shannon told me the other day that she seen Gayle and couldn't get over how much she could see me in her, Shannon said it was so weird because she hadn't noticed that before and neither did I but WOW Gayle you are one hot babe!! LOL

Here's Elly and Xavier playing race cars. They played so well together, Elly cried when she had to leave because she was having so much fun playing with her "new friends".

Xander had to show me his boo boo on his hand.

Does Xander's grandpa have a boo boo on his hand too. I didn't even realize that I got both their pictures with their hands up until I downloaded them. Xander is just like his grandpa...
Happy Birthday Brad

Here's Dad with all his Son-in-laws. Who's the favorite??

Bruce, Bill, Dad, John and Brad

Then here is Dad with his only son... that was there at the time. Terry is the #1 son, first time ever that the youngest is #1.

Terry, Ian and Dad

And Dad with all his girls, as always standing in order. We never take a picture when we are out of order, it just wouldn't be right.

Sharon, Starla, Dad, Gayle, DiAnn and Connie

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Shawna, Mike, Josh,Jake & Jett said...

You don't just look like Gayle, you all look alike :)