Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nature Walk

Okay so I didn't see this buck on my nature walk. John and Ken got a new trail camera and this little buck decided to pose for the guys to prove the camera is working.

Here is my nature walk. It was such a nice day and so beautiful in the woods, I could have taken hundreds of pictures but I controlled myself to about 75. These are my favorite berry trees, they are everywhere this year.

Here is the mushroom I went out for. These mushrooms are so huge and all over. I had a hard time trying to decide which one to post here. Then since the mushrooms grow so close to the ground I was basically standing on my head and laying on the ground to get the best angle.... and lost my lens cap.... the dangers of getting into the moment.

A bright fern in the sunlight.

One of the paths in the woods, still looking like summer but not for long.

I'm sure I'll be back as we head to fall so keep checking back if you want to watch the seasons change through One Photo at a Time.


Lynn said...

Ok, so bow hunting season starts this coming weekend. I will bring home my tracking shoes. But, I better get some venison out of it! None of this working for free! My tracking abilities might have improved since the last time I went and wouldn't leave Jeff or Dad's side because I was scared!

The Hemmers said...

Yeah, John found my lens cap. How and Where you ask??? Well after many, many trips around the woods from John, Adam and I.... single and double riding and then riding the 4 wheeler down the road 3 times between our house and the doghouse he found it laying on the running board. I swear I looked a hundred times and never seen it.

Lynn said...

Are you kidding me!!!!!!!?

That is pretty funny!!