Sunday, December 16, 2007

Clean window and The Nutcracker

Okay tell me what you see in this picture?

If you said the imprint of a bird after hitting the window you are correct... If you didn't go back and look closer, I think you can even click on the picture to blow it up bigger.

We have no idea when this bird hit the window but he obviously hit it really, really hard. He left an imprint of his eye, beak, wings, feathers, tuff of feathers on his little head... it's kinda hard to see in this picture but in real life you can even see his little feet all tucked up under his body. Geeze that had to hurt, we all know John keeps his windows in his garage pretty clean but this is ridiculous, poor little bird. Jesse and I believe it looks like a robin, yep that's right it's so clear that we can even identify what kind of bird it was. It's actually quite freaky, kinda ghost like.

Nutcracker Ballet - I took pictures for Miss K, she was Clara this year. This is dress rehearsal, those girls spun around about a hundred miles and hour and the lighting was very poor. It was a picture taking nightmare. But the photos turned out very good.... all 249 of them.

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Shawna, Mike, Josh,Jake & Jett said...

Oh my gosh, that bird in the window is a cool picture...freaky, but still a cool picture.
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