Sunday, December 2, 2007

Assignment #3 and Cookie Baking

Assignment number 3 is - Shutter speed / Aperture

This first part (shutter speed) was to photograph moving subjects, streams, vehicles or waterfalls and make them stop the motion. Well I cheated a bit on this one since I took these photo's back in April when I went to visit Lynn and Jesse in Oregon. However, it's not really cheating because I did at that time understand the method of adjusting the shutter speed to make the water stop. Here are some examples .

The stream is stopped, you can even see the water going backwards in the bottom center as it hits the rocks.

The motion of the creek is stopped as it flows through the lush green forest.

The bottom of the water fall looks like mist.

2nd half of the lesson was aperture - The size of the opening in the lens that lets light pass through into the camera. The size of the aperture effects depth of field (how much is in focus from front to back)

This first picture is an example of all the cookies being in focus, you eye goes from the front of the photo to the back and doesn't highlight or put more attention to any of the cookies.

Now this photo was taken with a small aperture causing the focus to fall on the white candies of the yellow cookie and the cookies in front are blurred and so are the ones behind. Your eye is drawn right to the most important part of the photo, and of course it helped that the candies were white which also makes them stand out.

Here are some more. This was by far my favorite assignment so far, I love putting the depth of field in the photos. Focus on the silver'ish blue ball that's slightly higher than the rest.

Focus on the pile of balls and the sea of balls behind that just blurs into a colorful background.

And of course I have a shoe addiction so I decided to line up a few sandals before I put them away for the winter. The aperture is very small in the photo, you can bearly make out the sandals in the back.

This photo I opened up the aperture so that you could see them but still have them blurred to draw the eye to the front sandal but still move to the last shoe.

Now here's some more photo's from our annual cookie baking at Starla and Brad's house. I didn't take out my camera much this year, not sure why I must have gotten to full of frosting...

Lynn, Elly and Beth (Mike's girlfriend) are starting to frost the cut outs.

Beau still likes to frost!

Starla and Gayle had new fancy froster thingys and the creativity was great.

Thanks Starla and Brad for the wonderful day, it really was fun.


Lynn said...

I loved how you explained the pictures. I am very impressed. I can't believe you dumped all those bulbs on your floor!! It made for an awesome picture! And that sandal... I love it! I so wish we were the same size! Because now I live with in shoe stealing distance!! :)

In the picture with Beth, Elly and I... I look like I am so jealous of all the attention that Beth is getting from Elly. And me, Tia, is sitting there by myself!! :)

Natalie said...

When I read Lynn's blog and she said she forgot her camera for the cooking baking party, I just had to check out your blog and see if you had any pictures :) And of course, I wasn't disappointed!! Oh and I love hearing about your photography assignments. This makes me want to take a photography class so bad! Our camera can do the aperture stuff and all that but I never knew what it meant. Now that I see how cool the pictures can be I'm going to have to experiment!!!