Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Morning Picture

Christmas Morning we woke to one of God's most beautiful winter landscapes, the snow was still covering the trees and the rest of the outdoors was touched with frost crystals. Of course I feel it's a great time to take a picture before we leave for Gayle and Bill's.... the two boys that still live here did not! They do it to keep me happy but they don't like it.
I need to buy batteries for my remote so now I have to set up the camera and run around and hopefully get in place without looking weird only did this about 15 times....
I look weird and uncomfortable, I better get those batteries.

Adam is done with my photo session.... D U N done.
Poor kid being the last child he has to put up with so much

If you haven't found the link on the right had side for my new POTD (picture of the day) blog, go ahead and check it out. I'm not sure how long I'll make it but I'm sure it will go better than losing the 15 pounds I found over the past year.


Lynn said...

Love them! I had no idea you did this! I remember you saying you wanted to do this. I think winter is your season for photography! Your winter pictures are just turning out awesome!

Shawna, Mike, Josh,Jake & Jett said...

Love the pictures & love your POTD...I hope you can keep it up all year.

Anonymous said...

Love the family photos- you are so talented. I got a very nice digital from Santa- you will have to come show me how to do fun stuff. Also love you POTD- I so look forward to reading your blog and now checking all the neat photos- Awesome job girlfriend.