Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shannon's new apartment and puppy

Shannon, Kyle and Elly got a new apartment and she finally let Tia and I come take a look. It's really nice and I'm sure Elly really likes having the room to run, jump and play without Mommy yelling that the neighbors are gonna hear her.

Elly had a princess bedroom.... her dad made it for her.

The kitchen and dining room, Shan baked chocolate cupcakes for the visitors.

The living room, which we got to help decorate while we were there.

And the fireplace....

It's very nice.

Shannon and Elly also got a new puppy.... I'm not really crazy about animals but they make everyone else happy. Shan brought Louie over to meet us today, John really liked him. Look at the size of his feet???? Poor Elly is gonna have a miniature horse instead of a dog! He's about 9 weeks old and really, really lazy. He's not too playful yet and sleeps most of the time. Of course he had to follow me around the house and lay at my feet as everyone else was trying to get him to come by them. Louie was taking his nap behind the chair and when he woke up Shan wanted him to got outside but no one could get him to come out.... I thought what a cute picture so I laid on the floor to take his picture and he jumped out to try to lick my face.... yuck!! Now why do animals think they like me??

So here's Louie....

Grandpa, Elly and Louie

Louie stuck behind the chair

Of course Louie laying by my feet....


Lynn said...

Louie is cute! I did not picture him looking like that! I love that he is lazy.

Anonymous said...

I love Ms El room- she sure is a princess. And I think Mr Louie is going to be a very big puppy!!!!


Natalie said...

That puppy is adorable! Too bad he can't stay a puppy!