Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Mexico

Here another small snap shot of our vacation.

Our friend from the pool. He swam in our pool and soaked up the sun everyday.

I always wanted a picture of a bum, why I don't know but this guy was eating off the ground and I was far enough away to take his picture.

We took a sunset cruise and had so much fun on it. I took about one hundred pictures of the sunset so if I flip through them really fast I can watch it all over again. It is so pretty and the cruise was so much fun, there were only about 20 people on the boat so we really had a lot of attention for the crew... we re-named it the booze cruise.

We went to Stone Island for a day, it had a calmer beach and whiter sand. This is the building (?) at the entrance.

There was always a sailboat on the ocean. This has to be one of my favorite pictures.

This sunset is from our motel beach. Last night there.

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Anonymous said...

How come you didn't make John catch him and rip his tail off, stuff him in a glass and run off to the front desk to complain about the creature? Oh maybe that was another day in Mexico. Flashback. luv u