Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mexico Vacation

John and I took a much needed vacation to Mazatlan, MX with our friends/neighbor P&K. They asked us a while back and we himmm-hawed back and forth and finally decided. WHY NOT? So the months flew by and before we knew it we had a day left before the trip. P&K are so much fun to be with and we knew we'd have a great time, we headed off on Friday night about 6ish and about an hour on the road a semi passed us leaving us in a white-out from the lightly falling snow we were having. As John applied the brakes we noticed a car upside down on the left, another in the ditch on the right, another with a police car and tow truck on the right. P asked John to test the road.... Oh crap we better slow down! We went from 65 down to 35-40 mph. We seen probably 12-15 cars/trucks in the ditch. Our 2 1/2 hour drive to the airport turned out ot be 3 1/2 hours but we made it safe and sound. We ate supper, had a few cocktails and turned in early (early morning that is)... 2 hours later the alarm went off, who should have to get up at 2:45am on their first day of vacation?

We left Wisconsin at 19 below with a fabulous flight, everthing on time and arrived in Mexico at 80 degree weather. The early morning was worth it!!

P's Mom and Dad had a timeshare that we got to stay with at this beautiful place, there were 3 pools and from our balcony we could see the ocean.

This is the main pool and you can't see the whole left side of the pool which is bigger than this side.

This is the pool(s) near our room (the quiet pool) WHAT?? There is another pool under that rectanglular opening, that one was heated so "P" took his morning swim there. The little one off to the right was the kiddy pool

My favorite thing to do is walk the beach so here's John and I taking a walk down the mile+ shore line. The sand was warm but the water was freezing.

This is "Valentino's" a BIG disco place. The nightlife in Mazatlan is suppose to be big into American Disco and this is the happening spot. We never made it there.

We went to see the divers.... of course they work for tips.

On our city tour we stopped at a seafood market.... no ice, hot sun, fish, shrimp, lobsters, no ice.... I wish this blog had scratch and sniff b/c it's a smell I will never forget and I think you should all have a chance to smell it too. One guy on the bus decided to buy some shrimp (good deal) so everytime we got out again and closed up the bus in the hot sun we got to climb back into a very smelly shrimp boat. I really like the look of this picture, it says Mexico simple-life to me.

We went to a Mexican Fiesta one night and these dancers were so good, the bright colors and the fast twirls they did were so amazing to watch.

Okay there are many more photos to go so I'll post again in a few days.... takes forever to load up the photos. Last pic for the night is of John and I in front of Stone Island.


The Rau's said...

Looks like fun. Connie you are so tan! I want to go on vacation now!! Maybe when the boys are older, for now I have to settle for water parks in the winter and camping in the summer. Glad you had a good time.

Natalie said...

Look at your tan! I'm sooo jealous :) I can't wait for summer!!