Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Walk

I got some pictures from by girlfriend who lives about 10 miles south of me, she took a walk and sent me the signs of spring. So I decided to tie Adam to his chair (just kidding), promise to make him a peanut butter chocolate shake when I get back if he stays in the chair, and I go for a walk with my camera. I can post the signs of spring just to get those bald heads pushed down further in my blog... :)

Well here in the north the signs of spring are not there yet. I seen nothing like L did. No robins, no pussywillows, no melting snow streams, no grass..... So I had to capture what I did see. This trip was a tad cold since I ventured out into the fields and ditches to capture just the right picture, the ditches are still full of snow but let me tell you, under that snow is really, really cold water.

Field of last falls cornstalks and the sun making the ice crusted snow glimmer.

My shawdow on the snowy ditches, look at those looooong legs!

This reminds me of the Ocean, only it's snow and cold here

An old rusty tractor at the junk neighbors house

Fence post with tips of the tall grass sticky out from the 16" of snow yet.

Broken glass blocks at the junk neighbors house.

Hummmm some sign at the junk neighbors house, I wonder what it means??

Oh look what I found under the snow in our ditch.... John is going to have a lot of raking to do and he always wants to buy more gravel.....

And here is Adam waiting for his shake, this soft food diet is not for him.

Spring is coming, it's just not over here yet.

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Anonymous said...

nice pictures.. but maybe, you should come visit your friend to the south and she can show you the signs of spring.. which would include margerettas... YUM!!!- those are a sure sign of nice weather to come..
Hope Adam is feeling better. Gotta love those bunny ears...