Sunday, April 13, 2008


3 kids, 4 proms..... Adam is a Junior this year and I wanted him to go to his Junior Prom, I think it's important to experience the whole get dressed up, pictures at every one's house, and go to Post Prom at the Sports Page until 6am the next morning. He refused until 1 week before, but that was enough time his date had a dress that night, she must have been waiting for him to ask. He had a really good time. The next day his legs hurt from all the dancing and his voice was scratchy from the singing.... I'm not so sure the girls danced or sang at their proms?? Adam and his buddy Brad stopped by the house after returning the tuxes with their aches and pains and tired bodies... all I could see is what it will be like when they are 21.... I'm in trouble!! All I can pray for is Adam choice of liquid will still be Gatorade.

Here's a look into the past (sorry it was film days so I had to take a picture of the pictures in the scrapbooks)
Lynn's 1st Prom (Sophomore Year) with Jesse

Lynn's 2nd Prom (Junior Year) with Jesse

Shannon's Junior Prom with Kyle

Adam's Junior Prom with Sarah


Lynn said...

Why is that sunglasses are so much 'cooler' when you are all dressed up!? I love that we all have to get our picture taken with sunglasses!!

Natalie said...

This was a fun post :) I love seeing everyone dressed up for Prom! When Lynn went with Jesse her Sophomore year, did you ever think they would get married?!? :)

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