Monday, August 18, 2008

Hemmerfest Weekend

This last weekend we had a camping weekend at the Hunting Shack (Doghouse), we aren't really a camping family but we thought we would try it to see what happens. There were tents, pop-up campers, a big 5th wheel camper and then lots of beds in the shack. We set up on Friday night, cooked a little supper and sat by the fire. It was a cold night, I froze all night long. I even woke John up from my teeth chattering.

Jesse, Lynn and Elly setting up their tent.

Looks kinda tiny compared to Ken and Tomi's house on wheels

Putting on the rain cover

This picture is out of focus but I love the look El is giving Jesse.... "what are you doing?"

Then Lynn gets under the cover..... what are they doing?

El loved the tent

And she can talk Tia and I into just about anything.... so here's Tia pretending to sleep in a tent that's about 150 degrees. She was going to sleep in the tent until it got dark then forget it she was sleeping in the shack with Grandma.

Saturday afternoon brought lots more people to "Hemmerfest", it must have been the entertainment.... or the fabulous food.... or the warm night.... or the rain showers..... the fort building contest.....or Lynn's version of how the coyotes sounded the night before Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya (say that in a really high voice and like Indians chanting).... the bean bag games....or maybe it was the riding of Adam's little dirt bike... or maybe it was just a good time.
Here is Jake's fort

Adam, Josh, Hartman, and Mini-Me's fort

Elly and Jet's fort, complete with a working TV and a DVD of Nemo... perfect

I gotta simplify this or I'll never get done with this post.....Enjoying the fire and sunshine

Grandpa giving El her morning kisses

Ken checking out Adam's blind. The boys were inside then they would holler walk...... down....walk......down.... they were sneaking up on us since they were camouflaged.

The fist ever bean bag crowd wave... here they are setting up

The start of the wave.....

and the end of the wave....

Adam and Sara sitting by the fire, hey kids your gonna melt your shoes!

Jason and his little boy.... I love a thumb sucker

Great food


The Rau's said...

That was a fun weekend. We need to do it more than once a summer.

Lynn said...

Great pictures and stories! I agree I could do this more then once a summer! Lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

sure looks like it was a grand week-end. makes me wish I was family.


Natalie said...

What a fun time!! I wish I was family too!