Friday, July 25, 2008

Amber and Nate's Wedding

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We had another Hemmer wedding this summer. Welcome Nate to this crazy family.... we already know you fit right in.

I'm really bad at getting the bride and groom together in the same picture so this is the only one I have of them together and Nate's eyes are closed and it's the back of Amber's head but isn't her hair pretty?

Here is Our nephew Travis, Amber, Rondi and Travis's girlfriend.

Amber and her mom Rondi, they look so much alike and they both looked stunning today. Rondi is my 2nd or 3rd cousin somehow don't ask me how and then she marries John's brother Ron before I'm even in John dreams (since you all know he dreamed about me all the time, couldn't wait to be with me, followed me around the halls at school just trying to get his nerve up to ask me out on a date.... and then stands me up, yep he really wanted me!!)

Ron talking with his Dad.

Elly felt the need to spin everyone around like a top, and then they put stuff on the floor to make it even more slippery, it's a good thing Lynn decided to take over for me, I wasn't sure how much more spinning I could take.

So now El and Jet decided to play in the stuff on the dance floor like it's one big sandbox. The dance went on you just had to watch out for the roads they were building.

El thought the bride was a princess and she stared at her all day and night. She wanted to touch her dress. She also wanted to dance with the princess but was too shy to ask. There was a point when she got really tired so we opted for the puppy and blanket, but then she got her second wind. Now she wants to dance with the princess.

Will you please dance with me but I'm too shy to ask so I'm just going to look at you with my sad eyes and hope you know what I want.

Please, please can I dance with you???

Okay forget it, throw the puppy down and dance with the boys, the start of the second wind. Here is Josh, Jet, Megan, Lynn and Elly dancing the night away.

Okay Jet's tired lets give him to Mom and we'll keep dancing.

Jake starting dancing too, these kids are dancing machines!

I love the dancing picture but probably because I know how much fun they were having, if you weren't there I'm sure these aren't much to look at.

Just a side note - Elly knows all the words to so many songs, she would sing to almost every song that was on. It was un-believable so we all watched her to see if she knew the words... sure enough so did.

Elly finally tuckered out at 11:45, she was done and wanted to go home. We got in the truck and drove about 2 miles when her song by Kid Rock "All Summer Long" came on the radio

Me - Elly can you take another song, it's your favorite

Shannon - Mom, she's sleeping already

Me - Oh

Elly - Grandma can you just turn it up a little bit?

: )

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Lynn said...

Very fun pictures!

I didn't even notice that Elly was dancing with her puppy until these pictures!