Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Sprinkle for Shannon

Last Sunday we had a baby sprinkle for Shannon. It was a sprinkle since she has already had a baby but there was no time for a shower. 20 minutes to prepare for being a Grandma didn't give us much planning time. : ) There were about 25 guests and everyone had a great time playing Lynn and Shawna's games and enjoying the great chili meal.

The cake was so cute and made by my aunt Susie. She did a fabulous job and everyone loved the taste. Our theme was pink and green with polka dots.

Among the drinks we had punch and Hot Cranberry Tea..... while with the Hemmers and Emmerichs we like to add a little kick to our suppose to be alcohol free drink so I brought along a bottle of Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps. What's wrong with that? Well as guest started to arrive there were many making fun of my bottle of booze at a baby sprinkle so I covered it up so no one could see. And I'll have you know that this bottle was almost gone when the shower was done!!

Since we have Elly already we set up a picture area with Shannon and Elly's pictures. It's amazing how much Elly looks like Shan now and when Shan was little.

Cute job on the decorations girls, love the green and pink. We gave everyone a nickle when they got there. To introduce ourselves we had to give our name, how we know Shannon and then say something we have never done. Then from the other guest if they have ever done that they have to give you their nickle. My niece Jody started the game and she had a great "never done" she said "I never sent a child to school" Well that cleared out most of our nickels.... Elly's never was "I never drove a car".... she now has all the nickles. A few more people went and didn't want to take the nickles away from Elly so they said things they never did but Elly never did them either..... until...... there is pesty Aunt Gayle she's not afraid!!! She said "I never wore a polka dot dress"..... ohhhhh there goes all Elly's nickles to Auntie Gayle.

Lynn and Shawna are giving the rules for the bag over their head. You have to put the bag over your head and when Lynn says take an item off your body they have to hand it to their partner. This game was hilarious and some people were getting down to where they couldn't take anything else off....

The best was Grandma Fran with this bag on her head. She was ready to take her teeth out but the game stopped just in time.

Here's Shannon with her cake. She is so cute, we tried to get belly pictures of her but that wasn't happening.

She wanted Elly to get her picture taken with her.... so this is what you get when pesky Auntie Gayle gives her a mask that she loves. She wore this all day. Good thing Gayle had a make-up gift for taking all her nickles away!!

Shannon opened up the gift from Grandma Fran and it's the famous variegated baby afghan. All the grandchildren get them. During my niece Jody's baby shower Elly got upset at Grandma Great for giving her blanket away!! We prepared her for this one.

Lynn wrote down all the babies gifts in a hard page story book. She had a bunch of different color markers and each person had a different page in the story book. It was so cute and something Shannon and the baby can read for many years.

What a great sprinkle and what great family and friends we have.
Shannon wanted a picture of her with Elly and Lynn so here are my three girls... so far...... maybe baby will make four!!

Update from Shannon's doctor appointment this last Thursday.... nothing!!! Baby is still high and nothing is moving. She's not due until the 3rd of November and I was 3 weeks late with all three kids so I guess it may be awhile yet. Don't worry you'll be the first to hear the news.

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Natalie said...

What a great party! I bet Shannon felt so loved that day :) The decorations and cake were adorable and the games sound so fun!! I can't wait to see pictures of your new grandbaby!!