Sunday, October 12, 2008

Munson Bridge Winery

John and I went to the Munson Bridge Winery. What a fun time and the wine is sooooo good. The couple that owns this place talked to us for about 45 minutes and she was so fun and told us so many stories about how they changed this working farm into a winery for the public to enjoy.

This is behind the wine tasting bar, it's a non-working piano that holds the wine bottles and glasses. It is gorgeous. John and I taste tested 12 different wines (6 each) until we both came to our favorite. Mine is Julia's Raspberry, in which they had none to sell by the bottle only the glass. They did take us back to the milk house or now wine vats to see Julia's Raspberry brewing just waiting to be bottled this week. Lifting that huge lid and the aroma of the wine was as good as drinking it. John's favorite was 5 Ducks Crab Apple, he actually got to buy a bottle, that's okay it just means I get to go back real soon.

Here is the patio for relaxing and enjoying the wine. This used to be the cow yard

There is a pond you can sit by, it is very pretty right now with the fall colors..... this was the manure pit. Not kidding!

The hay loft has been cleaned up, they use it to sell crafts, hold weddings, cater dinners, or just a space to roam around and look at the beauty in an old barn. The owner told us they needed to talk about retirement and the fact that they wanted to keep their home so they needed to do something to work from home enough to afford retirement and enjoy themselves at the same time. This is their dream and they certainly have a good thing happening here. This next Friday they are having a local artist display her artwork while you browse the gallery you can enjoy your favorite wine.
This chandelier hangs high above the hay loft floor and is the touch of class within the rustic. A smashing deal, thanks to E-bay.
John and I after 2 glasses of wine and about 2 hours of pure relaxation.

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