Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookie Baking

Here's a couple more pictures from our cookie baking day.

The rule is - if a cookie is broken you must eat it.... how many times do you think they break on purpose?

Miss El concentrating on her decorating skills. She likes the decorating tubes and this year actually knew how to use them.

The cinnamon rolls before the rising... I think at this point I can freeze them but I'm not sure yet. I have never made anything with yeast so this was all new to me. When I was growing up mom made 16 loaves of bread a week.... what I wouldn't do for a piece of boughten sliced bread. Call me crazy but bread was our filler and mom never, I mean never let us help make the bread. She said with the yeast and that many loaves of bread to mess up, she needed to do it. Scared me right out of trying anything with yeast, until today.

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