Friday, December 12, 2008

School is creating a monster

Elly is in Kindergarten and she's becoming a spelling, reading, letter writing monster. She has never liked toys... ever, her passion has always been having someone read to her, color with a number 2 pencil, learn new letters, count, and count again and again..... Well now since she is learning how to read it's become worse. She reminds me so much of her mother when she was little. All Shan wanted to do was read and learn and it all came so easily for her. Elly is the same way, here she is trying to find something to do on Friday before we go see the lights. She doesn't have a clue what to do with herself unless it involves paper and pencils. She also has the same hair as her mother.... thick and long.

Grandma do you wanna write me a letter so I can copy it? Grandma do you wanna watch me read my Candy Cane Book I made at school? Grandma do you wanna draw me a picture so I can cut it out? Grandma do you wanna count the carpet fibers with me?

Here's the letter I wrote her..... I didn't know she would want me to read it over and over again until she knew all the words. Then she wanted to write it all on another sheet of paper. In this picture she is showing it to Adam and having him read it to her.... she gets to read the words she knows.... and she lets him know which ones she can read.

Adam and Elly reading her letter.... Adam eats this time up but why does she have to like reading????? this is his least favorite thing.

Now she talked Adam into reading her the paper, she points to all the words she knows while he skims for the good stuff.

"Oh Grandma please can I have a cup of hot chocolate, you haven't made me one in a hundred years. And I'll have it in a snowman cup since it is winter"

She's spending the night so we'll do this all over again in the morning.

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