Saturday, January 17, 2009

El weekend

Took me forever to post these pictures.... sorry

Elly spent the night with us and she is a mover a talker and a learner, she knows Grandma will do just about anything with her so she tries to fit it all in while she's here. She loves to cut and color. She will ask me to find her pictures to cut out and color. We did that about 3 times already so I decided to entertain her with a new project. I had my Christmas cards so I decided to let her cut them out however she wanted. She loved this since there were sparkly ones, round ones, and lots of fun stuff to look at. She decided to play teacher and I had to be the student and she would tell me the story of each and every one of her projects at least twice. Here she is telling the story, she can make up quite the stuff with one picture.

I loved the facial expressions she has, I took the picture of her holding these up but got her mouth that shows how into this she is.

And once again check out the expressions

Here is Miss El with all her stories and her trusty scissors. She uses Lynn's scissors from when she was little. It has the initials LH on them and she just doesn't understand what the LH is for since her name is Tia Frey

Now she talked me into a snack, of course it had to be a chocolate brownie with the fudgy frosting on my pink flower plate with my baby spoon. The drink of choice was a hot chocolate with marshmallows of course.

Here is her duck that she cut out and colored, it won first place in our pretend school so it gets to hang on my frig.

I had John take over a few of the never-ending games of Guess Who. She could play this forever if you let her. And she's good at it. "Does your person have big fat lips?", "Does your person have skinny eyebrows?"

I took her outside to have her brain stop learning and just have fun. We made trails in the snow and she had to follow me, then she took over and I had to follow her, except she wanted me to crawl like her.

Adam was in the house taking the pictures so he got the window instead of us but for some reason I really like this picture.

Of course she has to make snow angels. Adam was taking this from the diningroom and then he gets and idea.... "Bang, bang, bang... Mom keep her there".

He goes up to my bedroom to get a better view.

Here she is eating her waffles, she is pretty darn special to us.... and she knows it. It's not too often you'll see her with her hair down, she looks so much like Shan when it is. That morning when I got her dressed, teeth brushed, bed made, jammies folded and then I said "Okay time for your hair" she said she wanted it down. I told her that her mommy tried the same thing everyday but she never got her way either, when you have this much hair it's gotta be tied up.

We can't wait till she spends the night again, we really can't wait until all the grandkids can spend the night. There's nothing better than being a grandparent.


Jules said...

I agree!! I've only been GG for 6 months. It seems like she's been here forever. I can't wait for more.


Anonymous said...

boy- both of your boys are good with your camera...they must of had a great teacher!!

And did you catch your magnet on El's duck picture...from a taxidermy place, too funny!!!!