Friday, January 2, 2009

Last Vacation Day

John and I took a few vacation days over the last 2 weeks to spend time together and with the kids for the holidays. Today is a holiday for me and John used a vacation day so we could go out for lunch and spend the day together..... well the day turned out differently than we had planned. John got the flu and we spent the day together..... at home. I make a horrible nurse and he makes a horrible patient. We do so much better the other way around and we both will admit it. Every move he makes I ask "are you okay?", "what's the matter?", "what hurts?" and he gets annoyed with my questions. We both hope he feels better by tomorrow

John wanted to play with Garrett in the worst way so I put him on the floor next to the couch so Grandpa could talk to him. For Christmas we bought "blueberry" a rainforest music box for his/her crib and Garrett loved it. So..... Grandma bought him one too. He's trying it out right now, "blueberry" should love it, it's been Garrett approved.

I played lots of games of Go Fish and Memory with Elly after school. She loves those games and she beat me in all the games except for one. The last game of memory as she was making all the matches she tells me when the last two cards are on the floor "Grandma I'll let you have a turn if you want?" She's so cute.

and here is Garrett giving me a big ole' smile. He already knows Grandma's voice (that is if Mommy isn't in the room).


Emmerichs Events said...

Elly is looking so much like Shannon. She is such a sweetheart and Garrett is so cute. How much fun you must be having. Sorry to hear John was sick (Lorin is an awful patient too)

Natalie said...

We had that same music crib toy for Allie and she really liked it too :) Your grandchildren are adorable!! I hope John is feeling better.