Sunday, June 14, 2009

Garden Update

Check out my garden happenings. 
This is Globe Flower


This is a Gas Plant on May 29th. 


This is Gas Plant on June 10th.


This is Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate invasion…. yikes.


This is Sedum Ground Cover, it’s leaves look like roses.


This is Cat Mint in the front and Blue Flax in the back


This is my coffee table decoration on the porch.  Can you guess what these glass insulators are in?  Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.


This is Lynn’s Tree Peony that Jesse cut down last fall b/c they didn’t know what it was.  Oh my gosh I hope mine looks this good someday.  These flowers are the size of dinner plates.


This is under the cedar trees, I don’t do a thing with this.


This is Poppy invasion and I was letting it grow since our plan was to re-do the front of the house with a patio and other fun stuff but now since we’re not sure of my work status that will have to wait another year so I pulled all these poppies and mulched once again.  I will not let another Poppy grow here, I will not let another Poppy grow here, I will not let….


This is the same area with the poppies gone and the mulch in.  What a difference.


This is Superstition Iris, he’s also in the photo above.  He’s such a dark purple that he looks black.


There’s your walk around the garden.


Anonymous said...

thanks - that was very relaxing...


Emmerichs Events said...

Thanks for the walk. I just took a break from working in my garden and had to check the blog. Thanks for the "real" walk on Friday. The photos are great. Julee