Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Highlights

Marcus and Sara had a rainy day for a wedding but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.  The rain stopped every time we needed to walk outside. 

The ceremony was short but very special.


The big highlight came after the ceremony.  Marcus and Sara released two doves while the helpers released another dozen or so.  They circled the church and then flew off.  I happen to get both doves taking off, let me tell you they were quick.


Great Grandpa Earl got to hold Mallory, she got passed around lots.  She slept through most of the night, I’m not sure how.


Ashley held Garrett.  He was not as willing to sleep like Mallory.  The commotion, music and heat was not in his favor. 


Jarrod also held Garrett for awhile.  This is the first time Ashley and Jarrod are meeting some of their cousin’s babies.


We tried to take a family photo tonight, but with this crew it’s almost impossible so this is the best we could do.  Jarrod is a stand in for brother Dan and Ian is a stand in for his Daddy Terry.  Which is kinda funny since Jarrod is the oldest nephew and Ian is the youngest. 

From right to left – In age order
Back – Sharon, Starla, Danny (Jarrod), Gayle, Wally, Rusty. 
Front – DiAnn, Connie, Joanne, Dad, Randy, Brian and Terry (Ian)


Here’s a couple more (In case you noticed we added an older brother next to Sharon – that’s cousin Bruce, he tried to be part of our family back then and he’s still trying.  Dad still doesn’t notice another kid in the house.


Brian is struggling to get Ian to stay in the picture.  Don’t worry Ian your father used to cry during our family pictures himself.  Mom would hold him down and the only pictures we would get Terry was crying.


Elly caught the bouquet.


And she got to dance with a real princess!!


Lots of fun!!


Anonymous said...

great pictures...and you my love look gorgeous!!! don'tknow how you do it!!!


Emmerichs Events said...

Looks like everyone was having fun. Sorry we missed it. Fun Photos and you do look great by the way. Julee