Friday, August 28, 2009

More Hemmerfest

Okay so since I have a day of vacation and it’s raining outside let’s load up some more Hemmerfest pictures for you to see.

I think this is where we left off….. Hummmm I’m not sure why this happened but I got the pictures.  From left to right is Michelle, Shawna, Grandma Hemmer, and David. 


Here is poor Grandma getting her hair done by the others…. don’t tell anyone but Shawna is a licensed hairstylist!!





There now she looks Purdy!!  Anyone want a appointment with Shawna?

Ohhhh one tidbit of information so it doesn’t look like all the kids’s fault….. Grandma had a very large Old Fashion and then everytime I got near her she would drink out of my glass….. not a sip either like gulping half my glass.  She loves Paul’s Old Fashions!!

The little kids were feeling left out, they wanted to know why wrapping yourself in toilet paper was so fun.   : )


Megan is showing Grandma her lovely pictures…. Shawna looks like she may be in trouble…… hint – look in Grandma’s hand

Here is what Grandma thinks of all of us picking on her…  I think she belongs on the front of a Hallmark Card!!


All kidding aside they really are the reason we have Hemmerfest for a number of reasons

1) They had 5 wonderful sons who married awesome girls who had beautiful children who now are marrying great people and together they are having beautiful children….. Circle of Life

2) They gave this land to their sons when they sold the farm and it has been the family gathering place for everyone.

3)  They taught their sons to enjoy the outdoors and ride around the woods…. summer or cold winter it’s always good weather for a picnic.



The Rau's said...

Good thing Grandma doesn't have a computer to see that you put these pictures of her on your blog. Umm, I don't know why that happened either except that Michelle had toilet paper, Adam had tape and sharpies and David is just funny. Poor Grandma.
I'm sure my appointment book is going to be filling up now. LOL

Emmerichs Events said...

I love that last picture of "grandma" with her tongue out. It does look like one of those goofy cards you can buy. You should make that into a card and use it for something. Just too funny. I love how all of you have so much fun.