Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adam updates

I started this post back in Sept and decided I should probably finish it up before too much more time passes by.

Adam bought a new truck so the ole' car is no longer going to be seen on the open roads. I know you will all miss that car and you will no longer be able to wave to Adam since you won't know it's him coming but there is no way on this little green earth that he is going to screw any horns or antenna's to this truck.... right Adam? You'll all have to just get used to Adam in the white clean truck, at least he kept the same color.... I'll tell him to watch for you and wave. Here is Adam with his past and present pride and joy...

Adam has been going to school about 40 minutes from home and his first class starts at 7:30 AM, yes AM and that class is 5 days a week...... his mornings are no longer meant for sleeping in as he likes to do. I get up before him and then when I'm done in the shower I knock on his door and open it slightly so the hall light shines in on his face. Adam is either somewhat awake when I do this or his sense of "Emmerich" humor is way strong and he can't help it. I will let you in on a couple of morning wake up conversations

Me - Wake up Buddy Boy
Adam - Leave a message after the beep....... beep

Me - Morning Bud
Adam - I don't smell the coffee

Me - Up Son
Adam - They canceled school due to lack of interest

Me - Good Morning
Adam - Good afternoon, I must have missed school today

Me - Are you getting up buddy
Adam - I already took a shower

Me - Sun's up
Adam - No I'm not

It's always interesting as to what the next morning will bring, but Adam gets up every morning with no complaints, he doesn't like it but he does it. I think sleeping in is a Emmerich thing too, I wish I liked getting up in the morning but I hate it. That is one of the reasons I cannot nap during the day.... two mornings in one day I couldn't handle that.


Emmerichs Events said...

I'm with you Connie - I am not a napper. Never could understand how people do that???? Nice new wheels Adam has, but I have to admit I am going to miss the old car. It was such a piece of art. Those first vehicles those guys have are crazy. Have you seen some of the pictures of Lorin's old van? Must be another Emmerich thing.

Connie said...

Julee I lived those first van days and yes I remember them well. How about the time they cut the roof off the car.... yeah that's another blog story some time. Mom wouldn't let us read Wally and Lorin's stickers on their vans. I remember sneaking a peek at one of them "If this van is rockin don't come a knockin" I thought it was funny then but didn't know why :o

Adam's girl is so lucky and I'm sure you can relate to her. Those Emmerich boys are a real catch!! wink, wink