Monday, November 19, 2007

The start of the big hunt

The big Wisconsin Gun Hunt season started this Saturday morning. The guys at the shack were deerless opening day but John bagged this nice 9 point buck Sunday morning. As he tells me "Another wall hanger Connie!!". He is so excited

Jake was so upset on Saturday about being the middle child and Josh gets to do everything before him. He gets to hunt before me, he gets to ride a bike before me, he gets to go to school before me, he gets to..... that mean ole' mom letting Josh do all those things first!! So I picked up Jake and brought him out to see John's buck BEFORE JOSH got to do it!!

Jake hopped down off the trailer and told Adam "I'll give you 20 bucks if you touch his tongue". Adam didn't do it.

Here is the magic of taking pictures.... it looks huge. It is a nice rack and nice spread (two phrases you can use during hunting season without getting in trouble) but my photography skills help.

Keep checking back for updates on the other hunters, Adam's been walking his little butt off., he wants another WALL HANGER. Remember this one?? Adam's first buck in 2004 opening morning, I think it was his 2nd year of hunting.

Been downhill for him ever since. Kinda bites when your first buck is a monster that happens to walk out in front of you on opening day.... most of the bucks take a little more work from the hunter, a lesson Adam is learning for the 2nd year now.
Happy Thanksgiving


Lisa S said...

Tell John nice buck!! And your right this is the only time of the year you can get away with phases like nice spread..LOL

Shawna, Mike, Josh,Jake & Jett said...

I'm glad Adam didn't touch his tongue cuz where would Jake have gotten 20 bucks......silly kid.
Thanks for taking him out there Sunday morning, made him feel better for now...until Josh gets to do something else first. What is poor Jett gonna do when he NEVER gets to do anything first?

Lynn said...

Can the guys tell if this deer was in any of their pictures from the deer camera??

Jake is a spitting image of his Dad!! The kid cracks me up!

Shawna, Jett won't have to worry because he is the youngest so he will be spoiled Adam! Jett will get to do things first and not even know it like... longer cerfew then the older kids... parents buy him a car (and not the other 2)... get the coolest cell phone on the block (The older 2 had the cell phone that was so big they both had to carry it!).