Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Sisters together again

Sisters are so much fun. We were all together for Adam's confirmation so we decided to have our picture taken. We have a hard time being serious for a nice picture... as you can tell.

Of course Dad had to get in the picture, he was missing the fun.

And our favorite picture.

Look at all those Lea fingers and hands... we all have them.

It was about 6 years ago I had to make a video at work and perform the job while someone filmed it. Later I watched the video and ended up in tears. I'm not sure how my mothers hands got in that video but they were there. The conference room full of people watching that video for the first time with me didn't know what my problem was.

I think DiAnn is the only one who polishes her nails like Mom always did. Mom couldn't go anywhere without her nails polished and her lipstick on.... hair in curlers, dirty clothes didn't matter as long as the nails and lips were taken care of. She carried a wood box back and forth from the bar and there was always her fingernail kit in there and when the last customer walked out she was painting, filing, cuticle digging.... until the next one walked in.


Lynn said...

I had so much fun taking those pictures. It makes me giggle that 'jazz hands' is your favorite picture.

The Rau's said...

before i even scrolled down from the "jazz hands" picture I was thinking, wow do they all have the same long fingers? guess so. fun picture