Monday, May 19, 2008

House Update

I haven't posted any pictures of the house for you to see the shack we are living in now. It seems things are moving along quite well until I look at these pictures and then wonder.... why did we do this?

Because the windows were rotten, the shingles were shot, the siding wouldn't match up because some of the windows are going to be different sizes.... that's why

South side of house with far left window replaced

North side with one window replaced

And a close up of my red windows. John says the ZoE glass and the red frame with the sun shining on them makes the glass look red, I don't see it but remember he is color blind.


Lynn said...

Love the red windows!! I am so excited to see the siding up now!

I was shocked to see these pictures because I didn't think you had all the siding off already!

When is the siding suppose to be up and finished??

Anonymous said...

no wonder that scares Ms. El- the house with no skin!!! Can't wait to see the finished project! We too need new shingles, but told K if we are doing that I also want to replace siding and windows. Have not got him to agree to that yet. May have to wait another year.


The Rau's said...

I love the red windows....I told Mike to hurry up and get the ones on the south side in so we can see those from the road!!! I think your house is going to look awesome when it's finished.