Monday, June 30, 2008

House is done on the outside

Here is an update of the house. It's done on the outside, now we're slowly working on the inside. When it's nice outside who wants to be working on the inside? I have this week of vacation to stain and varnish windows... yuck! But it was too nice out today, I'll maybe start tomorrow. :)

I think we are finally getting used to the windows on the inside, they make the house very dark and keep it really cool. I love the sunshine coming through the windows making a bright house and I do not like a cool house so I'm opening the windows to let the heat in!! Crazy I know. When looking in from outside you cannot see in the house either unless your right up by the windows, we like that part. I'm sure in time the effects of the sun not coming through the windows will pay for themselves. No more fading carpet and furniture (oh darn I don't really like my couch and chairs). Check out the pictures.
View from the north including the big garage. We tried to get the tan colors to match but they don't... but they look okay together.

View from the south-east.

East side

North side - I gotta figure out a way to hide those electrical boxes and pipes!! Any ideas?

I guess I got another view from the east.... but look at the bushes on the right that line the driveway.... John cut one of them down because it was half dead and then I come home from work shocked that he cut it flat down to the ground!! Is that what we talked about??? NO. So if you cut that one down you might as well cut the other one down so they are even, really you think so he says?? So he cuts it down... later that night we visit the neighbors and he says "Paul my plan worked she wanted me to cut the other one down too" What a sneaky guy!!

It actually looks nicer with every other one gone... he's lucky!!

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it sure look great!!!