Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandchildren Pics

Okay so Lynn here is a close up of the kido's. What did you do when El was little and you lived in Oregon??? Oh that's right we kept a video camera on her every second and sent you the tapes with a box of Kleenex. Now you haven't seen them for a week and you need your picture fix. Of course I just happen to have some to share....
Here is what he does best.... sleep

Miss El posing with her new hat from Granwma, you gotta love those blue eyes.

I can't tell you why Garrett is lying in a basket naked.... you'll find out soon. :) And of course we can do anything with him and he'll just sleep through it.

My little man in the clothes Grandma bought for him... inspired by Grandpa, I think Grandpa may spoil this one with boy stuff!!

There you go Lynn, and I know your waiting for the secret pic.... be patient.... soon you will see it and it will be so worth the wait.


Lynn said...

Thank you!!!! Now I want to smell him!! Can you put a scratch and sniff on here?!!? I'm just kidding! But I do love the pictures!!

Those kids are so stinkin cute!! I just can't get enough of them! I still have my Elly tapes... I should bust them out sometime... I bet I would still need my box of kleenex!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful grand-babies- I can see why you are such a proud granwma, not that I had any doubts to begin with!!!!


The Rau's said...

Scratch & sniff....LOL
Smell him now, cuz I'm telling you, ya don't want to smell boys when they get older!!!!
Seriously I am having BABY FEVER with all of these babies coming into the family. I really want someone to take me up on the offer to stay overnight and get up with the baby in the middle of the night!! I'm not kidding people, I will do it!!!
Can't wait to see what you're doing with Garrett's picture! Cute kiddos!

Natalie said...

Well I just enjoyed my baby fix too :) Garrett is such an adorable little guy!! And Elly is no doubt a beautiful little girl!