Friday, November 28, 2008

Whitetail Gun Season 2008

Hunting season at the shack is going a little slow, the deer are staying bedded down and with 3 guys they are having a hard time rustling them up so a few of us decided to do a drive for them today. Okay so let's give you a little history first. It's me, Ed and Josh that are going to drive the center of the woods, we need radio handles so Ed wants to be Batman, Josh is Robin and I'm Little Bo Peep. None of us had a clue what we are suppose to do.... so we have lots of questions before we leave the shack.
Can we carry guns - NO
Can we run through the woods yelling back and forth at each other - NO
Can we walk together so we don't get lost - NO
Can we have a radio - NO
What if we get lost - keep the sun over your left shoulder
What if we're in there so long the sun goes down - You'll come out on a trail somewhere
Can we have a radio - Okay fine
Can we have fun radio names - NO
We're gonna anyway
Can we talk on the radio - NO
What if we get lost - URGHHHH
Okay so here we go.... Batman, Robin and Little Bo Peep ride the 4-wheeler and wait for the Okay on the radio to let us know to start...... We wait and wait and then finally John (he wouldn't pick a fun radio name) says on the radio "Adam let me know when your up your tree".... I start to get bored so I am trying to take pictures of all 3 of us in the same frame. It didn't work this is only Little Bo Peep and Robin... Batman is too far down. Batman says on the radio "Bo Peep are you taking pictures of yourself"
Adam says "Okay ding and dong you can start"...... what who's ding and dong!!!! That's not our names. We all enter the woods and seriously that is the last time I seen orange..... Bo Peep is lost and so are her sheep. Seriously how am I gonna walk through this woods, there are branches in the way.... I can't walk straight north the paths don't go north.... where was the sun suppose to be.... where's Robin, he doesn't have a radio.... oh no I don't like this what if I have to spend the night out here I didn't bring toilet paper.

Adam says on the radio "Ed turn to your left".... "I mean right"... no maybe your left".... Batman says "right or left".... "Left". Oh I'm feeling better I hear people on the radio, it still works. Ohhhh no I see the path to the east, I turn to the left and try to remember where that darn sun is suppose to be.... why does it keep moving. "Ken 3 deer heading your way"..... "There all big does, take them all".... "boom".... I dive to the ground (just kidding). Ohhhhh no I see the path to the west..... "Little Bo Peep is seriously lost and I'm not talking about her sheep" I turn and start to head north east or so I think.... John says on the radio "Bo Peep turn to your left".... "You can see me?", "Yes", "Where am I", "turn to your left", "Stop", "Turn", "Okay now go straight"... he says that like it's easy.
Oh no that's the shack, I'm not even half way there.....
"This is Little Bo Peep, copy to Shepard.... where are my sheep and where am I?"
12 or so hours later......Oh there is my littlest sheep...
What.... he gets to sit on the picnic table on this big open path..... there's something wrong here. That's the last time I worry about my little sheep, he can take care of himself... But this is where I was suppose to end up and I did. I'm not lost
John says on the radio "anyone seen my Little Bo Peep yet"..... ohhhh he loves me!!
Here's the deer that Adam saw running past him this morning and he didn't get a shot at it.... but the neighbor girl did!!

A girl must have shot it... it's tongue isn't hanging out.... I think she tucked it away after they put it in the truck.... It's a girl thing.
Here's the only antlers Adam will get to drive around with for today.


Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! This was stinkin funny!! I love the radio names and I am so glad no deer ran you over!!! ; )

The Rau's said...

Josh had so much fun with you and Batman!! I'm glad I didn't know about it until after it was over though. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL- I am going to have to start wearing depends before I read your stories...way too funny!!!