Saturday, February 28, 2009

Light Earthy

Here's the painted walls in the upstairs hallway. This is a bookshelf with the kids books still on it. I cannot bring myself to put them away... this is exactly like they have looked since Lynn was old enough to be read to at bedtime.... long time ago. I will put them in fun baskets now but I just have to go shopping first. The walls are a tan "light earthy" and I decided since Adam took over my fitting room (Lynn's old bedroom) I would bring out all my pictures he stashed in the closet and use them in the hallway. I'm thinking fitting room slash vacation decor with a earthy slash black slash aqua color theme. Should I paint this bookshelf back or aqua?
A closer look at the aqua accent color I'm thinking about. Don't you just love these shoes, I'm a sucker for shoes, even if they don't fit me. Two pictures from my trip to New York City in the aqua stripped frame.

And how about that shabby chic tin cabinet all dressed up in the fitting room decor.

John removed the heater so you can see the patch job that I have to let dry before I paint it. That tin cabinet I bought at a garage sale for $5, it was painted cream but had peeling paint so I took a sander to it and found about 4 different layers of paint and loved the look of it so I never did paint it. Hummm how would it look in aqua? The old dress and hat came from Jeannie's Halloween box and looks perfect here.
And here is my gaping corners all filled in and looking perfect, ready for primer and paint. This sanding is a mess, I do most of it with the water sanding method but some of it needs dry sanding. I can't wait to dust and not have everything covered in white again the next day.

Hopefully soon I can show you the finished living room.

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Anonymous said...

lookin'good- I would so not have the patience to do any of that stuff- hence why when I need somthing done I have to hire someone... no wonder why my house still needs lots of work!!!
As for the bookshelf I think you should paint it with that cracked antique looking paint and than accent with the aqua.. a runner..more nic stuff on the side shelfs...some beads to look like pearls to go with the dress...
look at me go-- I sure none of this works but only ideas from a not so creative gal..