Friday, February 27, 2009

Painting again

With our new skeleton crew at work it's 4 ten hour days and production gets Friday's off so I took advantage of that and used Friday for a vacation day. It's dark during the week when I get home so I can't paint and then we haven't had a whole lot of weekends that we stay home so I used today to paint the upstairs hallway. I stenciled it 13 years ago when that was the cool thing to do, not so much anymore. Even though it's embarrassing to show you the before pictures.
Here is the cool 90's stenciling job, I'm not sure why I didn't paint these walls a while ago because I love to paint walls when I'm bored. I guess it's because no one goes upstairs so no one seen it.
Here's the light switch cover.... yep that's wallpaper wrapped around it to match the wallpaper before the cool stenciling.
So while I'm prepping the walls and priming them we have this electric heater that we used to use to keep the upstairs warm.... yeah right, if we wanted to keep the upstairs warm with this heater we had to have an extra $200 bucks added to our light bill. So the heater was just attached to the wall and never used. So I decided, why have it so I'll just pull it off the wall, well that worked okay until the electrical cord stopped me. Just then the phone rang and it was John, he asked what I was up to and I told him. Just before we hung up
Me - "oh I ripped the heater off the wall so you'll have to unhook that when you get home so I can paint around it".
John - "what? You can't just rip that off the wall"
Me - "why? I already did"
John - "Connie those are live wires"
Me - "yeah so?"
John - "that's 220"
Me - "so that will kill me?'
John - "YES"
Me - "Okay, I'll be careful"
Here's the heater where I decided to not touch it again.
After I was done painting the upstairs I decided to sand and mud walls in the living room. With an old house you have very, very crooked walls so you get lots of gaping between the sheets of drywall that have to be filled in.... here's a picture to show you what the better of the three seams look like. That silvering black area is completely open and needs me to fill it up 3-4 times with drywall mud, sanding between every coat.
To get to the top of the ceiling/walls I have to stand on the top of the step ladder to reach the tallest point. As I'm standing on the very top of a really wiggly old step ladder I wonder how bright this is.... I may not get electrocuted (since I've already been stuck by lightning, I'm pretty sure I don't want that to happen) I will fall off the top of this ladder and hit my head on the pellet stove knocking me out so I don't realize I've landed on top of the stove burning me to 4th degree burns over my entire body until John comes home from work and finds me.... but I do it anyway and I didn't fall. When John gets home I want him to take a picture of me way up on the ladder so I could show you..... this is what I got.
Nice huh? I didn't know what he was taking until I downloaded them. He did take a couple others but nothing that showed me way up on the top step of the ladder. Let guys take pictures and this is what you get, I should have been more specific in what I wanted. I must have been talking on this one.... surprise huh?
I'll give you completed pictures of the upstairs hallway tomorrow. I love vacation days like this.

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The Rau's said...

i wish i liked painting as much as you do...i don't like it at all! looks great