Friday, February 13, 2009

Who was here?

Last night Adam came home and immediately said, "who was here"?
Me - "why?"

Adam - "I know someone was here"

Me - "who do you think was here?"

Adam - "Josh, Jake or Jett"

Me - "Which one do you think it was?"

Adam - "Jett", "He always picks this truck when he's here"
Here is where Jett left Adam's truck, he didn't try to hid it at all, he leaves it right in the middle of the steps.
As soon as Jett walked in the door he is repeating "Connie, can I play with Adam's trucks?", he's such a cutie how could I say No? I could listen to his stories and stare at his facial expressions all day long.

Adam then runs upstairs to make sure he didn't mess up the other rows of cars, you know one tire out of line puts him over the edge!! I think Jett knows that too because all the others were safely in their rows yet. Poor 3 year old has to carefully pick out a toy to play with or Adam will never let him play with his trucks again. :) All Jett needs to learn is to put them away and Adam will never know, Josh and Jake already do this....
Adam you'll never know how often those cars are moved without you knowing, they are good.

Elly and Garrett were here again and Elly wanted a snack as I'm playing with Garrett so I told her to find one. She has her own snack cupboard here but this time as I'm not there she decides to find something else that she always gets at Grandma's house. She hollers.... "Grandma, I made a mess". This is what I find. "Elly, Grandma is not making you pancakes for a SNACK!!"

And she is backed up against the table and wouldn't turn around for me to get her picture, the backside of her was white with pancake mix. How she did this is beyond me. Such a goofy girl.

And just a picture of Garrett starting to play with his toys.


The Rau's said...

Aunt Jemima pancake mix? Connie how could you?! Didn't Shannon live at your house? Oh, that's right, most weekends she was at my house making Josh pancakes!!

Josh,Jake & Jett are going to have to teach Garrett the trick of playing with Adam's cars without letting him know they were moved. Poor Adam.

The Rau's said...

Hey, Ellyn's hair is down in that picture.....