Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter at Home

During holidays we all spend so much time running from one house to another and eating at every stop.  This Easter we decided to not go any where and to have all of us together for a sit down meal.  I tried to soak up the sun while John and I wait for the kids to arrive.  He thought he needed to take my picture and he’d be disappointed if I didn’t include it.


The day started with Elly, Garrett and Blueberry finding their baskets and hidden eggs.  Elly is a horrible finder so you have to play the hot cold game with her.






We had a meal of Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Coleslaw, Asparagus, and Rolls with lots of left overs.  I forgot to take a picture of the set table it was so pretty with my yellow and white dishes and now the black and yellow chairs.  I even did the fancy multiple plates with the pretty napkins on them….. darn why did I forget?  Now it’s time for the dishes, and I don’t have a dishwasher.  The girls and John helped me so it wasn’t so bad.


Adam and Elly really miss each other so when they get time to play it’s pretty wild.  They both love it and we all giggle at them, Adam better watch out when Garrett gets old enough to join in he’ll be the one pinned!  Michelle tried to help Elly pin him but I’m not sure it ever happened.  Elly yelled “ding, ding, ding, ding pinned” lots. 





We ended the night with a sleep over.  Wow it looks like a tornado went through here.


We had a great Easter and I hope you had the same with your family. 

Elly brought John a dozen boiled Easter eggs that Adam and Michelle helped her with on Friday.  Elly said it was her collection, so John takes 2 of the eggs to work on Monday and when she came back on Monday night, John told her that her eggs were very good.  She got so mad at him for cracking 2 of her collection eggs.  Then later that night she thinks it’s fun to hide the plastic eggs and let Grandma find them so I told her she could hide 10 of them.  I found 8 and couldn’t find the other 2 and asked her for help.  She says “Oh I’m so sorry Grandma I put them in the carton of my collection since Grandpa cracked two of mine”  We laughed so hard, it’s just amazing how those little minds work.  Then we had to play again so she hides the 10 eggs again and I go look for them and I start to put 10 jelly beans in the basket.  She says very seriously “Grandma why would you do that” with her confused look on her face.   Oh she is so much fun and getting way too big.

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Lynn said...

Grandpa smashed her eggs! The girl cracks me up!

It was lots of fun having Easter at 'home' and having a sleep over!