Sunday, April 26, 2009

More painting

This weekend I painted the wood wall between the dining room and kitchen. This is one of the first projects we did in the house, the wood came from the sawmill across from Mom and Dad's house, and Fritz's been gone for 18 years so it was a long time ago. We wanted to tear it down but we did such a good job of gluing and nailing it on that we'd have to tear the wall down and build it again so the next choice was paint it. The kids wanted us to leave it as is since it's what they remember but it just didn't go with the decor any longer. I was having a hard time getting this job done since I also didn't want to cover up one of our first memories in fixing up this old house but I tackled it today and it looks really good. The old wood was so yellow from age that it made the kitchen cabinets look yellow, which they're not.

Here is the view with the old wood.

And here is the view with the wall painted. The dining room looks much wider and longer, the kitchen actually looks like part of the house, you notice the cupboards. No more busy yellow old wood, I'm not real sold on it yet but it's better. I may need to hang some pictures or curly iron pieces on it to break up the diagonal pattern.


Lynn said...

Oh oh oh oh!! I really like it!!!

Emmerichs Events said...

Isn't paint an amazing thing. It looks great. When we bought the house we are in there was wood everywhere - walls and ceilings, except on the floors where I did want it. When I wanted to cover the wood on the walls some people thought we were crazy, but now it looks so much better. You actually notice the other wood more and it looks great. I love Paint!

Patti said...

Looks great. It really brightens up the room and you are right the cabinets look better in the backround. I just have one more comment for John, was that oak that you painted?

The Rau's said...

LOVE IT. You paint more in one weekend than I do in a whole year. I wish I liked painting.