Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny..... Chicken?

I always thought the Easter Bunny just used the front door, he's not like Santa Clause and comes down the chimney but this year there must have been some confusion. John hears something in the basement, it sounds like someone is scratching and struggling to get out. He goes to investigate but first he calls me. I'm in the garage so he uses the intercom and says "Connie can you come in here", "there's something in the basement and I may need some help". So I come in the house and we find something has come down the chimney and it stuck in the pipe.

Now how are we gonna get it out? Is it the Easter Bunny? nope it's the Easter Chicken, he must have taken the wrong flight and now he's in a pickle.... or pipe.

So now while John is taking off the cover we both are ready for this stupid thing to come flying out of there and scare the crap out of us.

I'm hiding behind a pair of snowpants as John is on the front line of Operation Easter Chicken Get Away. I opened the doors in the house just in case he flies around he'll have the door open to just go out, before he drops his jelly beans all over the house.

He's still too big to get out on his own, we're not even sure which side is the head. He's lucky it's warmed up or he would have gotten a little warm in his new home.

Here he is the Easter Chicken!

Have a very Happy Easter and don't eat too many jelly beans!

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