Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Misc. Happenings

I have a hard time updating this blog for a number of reasons.  1) I tell you just about everything about this family on my POTD blog.  2) I spend so much time outside and my battery is dead on this laptop so I’m stuck on the couch when I blog.  3) I don’t Photoshop the pictures I put on this blog and I have a hard time with SOOC pictures.  4) Why won’t my camera flip the portrait pictures when it downloads???, no matter what I tried and read the manual 50 times I still can’t get them to flip so I have to do them all by hand when they are downloaded  5)  I’m lazy!!??!!

Here’s a few random photos for this random post.  Shawna, Elly, “M” and “L” at the 4th of July party.  We had corn on the cob and the kids loved it.


Elly in Ed and Jeannie’s big pool all by herself (don’t worry I was watching her, I’m kinda a freak when it comes to kids swimming), the rest of the kids got tired of swimming but not her.



John and I with Mallory, she’s getting so big.  She had Elly’s 4th of July outfit on before this one…. I seen this little girl in 4 outfits on this day, she’s all girl…. or her Mommy is


Garrett crawling… sniff, sniff


Elly in her little pool which she insisted she wasn’t too big for….. she did play in it for hours.


Garrett sporting his first haircut


Garrett and Shannon with his present from Auntie Sharon and Uncle Bruce. 


Having these two presents on my table for a week has been driving me crazy I wanted to open them and see what Sharon made them but I waited until Elly was here to open Garrett’s for him.  Then after Shan got here and loved it, wanted one for Elly we decided that Elly could open Mallory’s too since Mallory is too young to open presents.  I love them and getting presents from the Wells family is always so much fun, my sister Sharon is a very talented person…. why did I only get half that much talent?  She showed me pictures of her garden pond while she was here and now that is all I can think about…. I am drawing up the plans now and have already started ripping up the back garden.  Sharon I’ll show you the progress on here when it actually looks like I’m getting somewhere.


Well that’s enough Misc for one post.

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Emmerichs Events said...

Your grandkids are so darn cute. Glad you had a good 4th.