Thursday, May 17, 2007

Garden Issues

So the weather here was great on the weekend and Monday was fabulous. John and I worked very hard getting the 2nd truckload of mulch down, only 2 more to go. Tuesday it turned cold outside and I was busy at work so I didn't spend much time in the garden watching things. Well these next pictures will show you what happens when your not watching...
WORMS ate all my columbines leaves, they stripped them into skeletons.

I have millions of these plants and now they are disgusting. So here I am Thursday night walking around in my gardens, WORM POISON in one hand spraying the nasty almost invisible leaf eating little buggers, and in the other hand a Kleenex wiping the tears that are falling from my eyes as I see the remaining plants with heavy blue flowers on top.
Okay now problem number 2.... Here is the garden shed we moved here last fall. Yes, it's a horseshoe shed from the bar right down the road. Isn't it pretty?

So tonight Elly and I decided we would try to paint it in Photoshop to see how it's going to look. Elly was so excited because she calls this Tia and Jesse's house and she can't believe how beautiful it looks painted. She wants to go paint it right now! She thinks Tia is going to love her new house. She plays in there once in awhile and even talks to Tia and Jesse when she plays.

Of course there will be flowers planted around it , stepping stones in a path to the door, and maybe even window boxes. It should be cute or at least better than what it is now.


Jesse & Lynn said...

Elly I love my new house!! I can't wait to move in!! It looks so pretty!!

Jesse said...

I know that John is color blind, but I'm begining to think you are color blind also. Seriously, if you paint the shed that color, I give it three days before one of your neighbors burns it down.