Sunday, May 20, 2007

Trash to Treasure

Someones trash to our treasure... Jeannie and I are always looking at junk and trying to be creative, it drives John and Ed crazy. They always say.... "IT'S JUNK", we say "HUMOR US", they do it but grumble the entire time. When we have the finished product, they hate to admit they like it too.
This is a spring from an old mattress that was burned on the brush pile in January. It's now a vase, candle holder... many possibilities. The old insulator has a new use. How fun!

Ed thought we could sand blast the springs and paint them since they are all rusty, what was he thinking!!!
We love the rusty look.
Now there are more springs than we have insulators, what else can we do with them???
We can't just throw them away, they're free, rusty and fun!!


Jesse & Lynn said...

Do you have enough for center pieces at all your weddings?? That would be an awesome ceter piece!!

You could sell these in your dream store!

Jesse & Lynn said...

Forget the store - sell your treasures at your garden tour!!!!

Jesse said...

Shawna was looking for something to sell on eBay,... well here it is. 15 dollars per holder and they cost you nothing. Of course you just need to find an abudnace of those old insulators......... Actually I just thought of where you can find them. Go walk the rail road tracks. There is an telephone line that runs along the track with tons of the those old insulators. You'll have to shimmy up the polls, but that'll be fun. Be sure to bring Adam or John so they can take pictures of you shimming the poll and then post them on your blog.