Friday, May 11, 2007

Was I crazy?????

Okay now tell me... was I crazy to say back in February that I would be a part of the Medford Garden Tour? I'm thinking I was, do you know how much I have to do and how many unfinished projects there are in my yard. More importantly I don't even know if my yard is something anyone else is going to awwww over, most everyone tells me it is but, it's a project that is never done so therefore it feels not worthy of public visitors.
We'll see.... the tour is June 30th and so far I think I'm going to showcase my photography of the garden since I can fool everyone of it being something beautiful in a photo.

Here's the first 1st of the projects for spring.... new mulch. Geeeze my plants are little, I hope they grow.

See I told you I could make something simple into something beautiful. This is a Lily of the Valley not quite opened.

Even though the weather has been nice it's been kinda stinky at the South Pole of Taylor County. It makes it difficult to go outside unless you want to stink like cows!! I should have taken a picture of the poop spreader in the field, it would have been a challenge to make that look good.... I'll keep you posted on the progress of my garden tour preparations, hopefully it won't be too stressful on me.

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