Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh but we needed it!!

Rain! Well we got it last night. My sister Sharon was home this week so all the sister's went on a garden tour. Starting at Starla's, next we went to Gayle's (who lives 1 mile from Starla). We stopped to see brother Terry and Shannon's house and baby boy Ian. The rain started during the Shannon E's house tour. It poured on the drive to my house. DiAnn and I are wondering why we are even driving to the other side of the tracks....

The rain stopped just as we get to my house, we tour mine and DiAnn's (who by the way lives 2 miles from me) and when we are on the end of DiAnn's tour the rain clouds open up again and dumped. Someone must have helped us finish our tour, the rain came all night long and all day today.

Here is a picture of a raindrop in the water barrel.

My froggy sitting in his dish with lots of fresh rainwater to enjoy. Look at that shadow, how cool!

During the tour I asked my sisters what the garden club was going to look at on Tuesday when they come to write a short article about my gardens for the Star News and take a picture for the paper. What were they going to see since it's a month before the real tour??? Sharon stood at the beginning of the path and said "What do you mean what will they see, it's beautiful from here". So I took a picture from where she was standing. No color except for many shades of green. Maybe the rain will bring out some color before they get here.

The rain started my False Indigo blooming, I love the color of these and the shape of their leaves. Here is a shot with the water droplets still on the leaves.

Am I ready for this?

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Jesse & Lynn said...

I didn't know Sharon was here... (I mean there)!! Did she bring the whole family? How many vehicles did it take this time?

I am glad you were able to complete the tour without getting rained on.

I think your garden tour will go very well. No worries!