Monday, June 25, 2007

Mother Nature

Mother Nature decided I didn't have enough stress yet so she sent a hail storm on Wednesday. The wind was blowing, the rain was coming down in sheets and then the hail started. John and I were caught in the garage and the kids were in the house. I was motioning through the windows for the kids to get ready to go in the basement while I tried to find a place in the garage to hide. I didn't want to stand by a window because the hail hitting against the windows and steel building was so loud and scary. Well after the storm was done I walked around the yard to see the damages..... Oh my, it shredded so many hostas, daylilys, delphiniums and trampled most of my poppies I just blogged about... and the kiss me over the garden gate is all broken off. We had so much hail we needed a snow shovel to scrape it off the porch.

Looks like winter!

Here are my poppies that are crushed and broken. If you want to see the before just scroll down to look at the last post.

I could have cried walking around looking at this. The garden tour is only a week away.... Mother Nature heals herself..... yeah right!

Well I had Thursday, Friday and Monday off work to do the last minute weeding and decorating before the tour. Now I did a lot of pulling up poppies, cutting off broken flowers and cleaning up branches from the trees. The driveway was covered in green from the trees losing all their leaves.

I'll show you some pretty pictures now. The garden still looks great and I'm very excited for this coming weekend. New flowers are starting to bloom everyday.
This lily opened this weekend, it's the color of sunshine, makes me smile every time I look at it.
This is the flower bed in front of the house. The poppies are starting to open, they should be showing their true colors by Saturday.
One last sneak peek of the garden shed before the final unveiling. John is going to mulch around it today so I'll post the final project either tonight or tomorrow. Make sure you check back it's worth the wait. John says I'm making it to cute, I'll want to move out there. Jesse might even like his new home!!
I painted the garden shed sign on Saturday, I love the things I paint it's just taking the time to do those type of projects and remembering that I can paint and I just need to do it.
Until the garden shed reveal - Happy Digging

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