Monday, June 25, 2007

Garden Shed Unvailing!!

Well here it is......

the garden shed finished.

Just in time. John and I are so proud of our Deer Trail Horseshoe Shack Makeover. It turned out so cute we want to sleep out there some night. Now wasn't it worth the wait?? If you forgot how it looked check down the blog to see the before picture. And I know it doesn't look anything like my photo shop coloring... good thing huh Jesse?


This picture was just neat with the plant in front and the shed blurred out.

And here I am enjoying a drink at the bar. The sun was going down so I had to wait until it was behind the shed to get pictures from this side so the true colors are the first picture. These two pictures look muted.

I have so much stuff in the shed now John is worried we won't fit all the pots and stuff for winter storage in there now. I had so much fun with the project and I love it. If you ask John he'll grump about it being too much for a shed but I think he kinda likes it too. He'll like it even more on Saturday when we serve drinks out of it after the tour. I'm thinking it looks like Margarita's or umbrella drinks need to be served with chips and salsa, come on over!
Now I'm ready for the tour, after today everything is done, weeds are pulled, iris's are cut, mulch is down, chairs are painted. Now all I need is a nice summer day. I'll take pictures that day and update you on how the tour goes.


Jesse said...

Your shed looks really nice. It reminds me of a Mcmenamins cigar shack. At the Mcmenamins Grand Lodge they have this little shack that is hidden on their property where you can get drinks and smoke a cigar. But at the same time, I think your shed is really missing something. I've stared long and hard at your shed, and for a while I just couldn't figure out what it was. Then it came to me. Your shed needs a goat tied up outside.

Lynn said...

On dirty jobs they had a goat that would faint... you need one of those goats. When they get scared they tip over!! They were real cute!!

Also, I tried a really yummy drink on Saturday I'll send you the recipe... it is an umbrella drink!!

The Hemmers said...

Your uncle Dan has the fainting goats. He went to get them from somewhere and the owners were basicly giving them away because they thought the goat were bad luck. Their house burned down and they needed money to rebuild. So Dan and Peg brought the goat home and if you clap your hands or yell the goats tip over..... well not long after they got them the fainting goats had a heater in their pen to keep warm and they somehow tipped it over and burned Dan and Peg's barn down. The alpaca's were burned their fur, when the firemen let the boys out of the barn in with the girls they had a little fun even though they were smokin'. Sorry got off subject. Anyway if you want to see goats go to Dan's house not here.

Jesse said...

Well if it's not a goat shack then it has to be a cigar shack. Take your pick. ;)