Sunday, June 3, 2007

Raining still....

Rain, rain go away.... remember my last post? The rain we finally needed will not quit. I had to take pictures from inside the house. This is the porch as it looks from the door, along with Adam's car sitting in the puddle. As they always say if the rain leaves rings in the puddles it will rain all day.... guess what? It's been raining all day, check out the puddle.

This is a picture from the patio door, the chairs still around the fire pit, sure wish we could have used them this weekend.

The pathway has a little bit of color. The garden tour ladies were over Tuesday afternoon and they were very impressed with everything. They reassured me that my gardens were worth touring. They told me on a scale of 1-10 my gardens are a 20. If they lied or not just to make me feel better at least I'm not as worried about it anymore. Their favorite part was the garage with the porch. They said it was the picture of country summer. It was funny they said that because to us summer is all about working around the yard during the day. Taking a 3:00 chips and salsa break on the porch with country music playing out of every window. This is summer!

This picture was taken Memorial Day 2006. This is what we wait for all winter.

Okay so now this is Elly with her Mom's dolly. Yes I'm sure many of you recognize Quimby. Shan gave Elly the dolly to look at while she was packing up some of her stuff. Elly wanted to keep her out and play with her so badly but Mom wouldn't let her, hence' the pouty face on the last picture. Yes the dolly is that dirty, she was very loved about 19 years ago, wherever Shannon was Quimby was right with her.


Jesse & Lynn said...

Your grass is so green!! I love that garage porch too!! I have your Memorial Day picture in a frame in my bathroom!!

Oh that doll!! Remember when you washed her in the washing machine and she came out with a chunk missing from her forehead!! Oh boy!!

Anonymous said...

That is not what happened. She came out with scratches on her check, I beleive it is the right cheek. (Not to be quoted) She also still has the doll. I put it in her room, and I yell everytime she touches it. Right now, Knock on wood, she has forgotten about her!! I used to have her on my shelf in the bedroom, so she couldn't get her, but due to the move she now has her.