Saturday, July 28, 2007

5 days

Lynn and Jesse are coming home in 5 days. They will be leaving on Tuesday and should arrive in Stetsonville Thursday evening to sleep and then we are on our way to move them into their new home in Appleton Wisconsin. Jesse's mom flew out to Oregon to visit with her friend and Dave left Friday AM with the trailer. He will be traveling that long 3 days by himself and pick up Mary at her friends house in the gorge. They should arrive by Lynn and Jesse on Sunday night. Monday they will pack up and all start their journey home.... even if that means ending a long day of packing up the trailer at the Best Western right down the road!

It will be so nice having them closer to home, 3 hours vs 3 days!! Not having to worry about flights home for Christmas will be great. They will be in Appleton for 1 year and only God knows the plans for after that.... I certainly thought the last 4 years would take forever from the day we dropped them off in a state all the way across the US. I never knew it would be so hard to watch your child grow up and become independent and ready to take on the world. Well Lynn has done that and we are so proud of her. Never in a million years did we think while holding our first born as young teenagers that we could raise a child to become such a wonderful caring person who would experience so many changes in her life and do it with such class and professionalism. We Love you Lynn and can't wait to see you..... and you too Jesse!

Drive Safely

Speaking of wonderful experiences... here is another young lady that has made a very special place in our hearts. She may have been a surprise 4 years ago but I think she was sent to us as a distraction... it worked! Funny how God knows what we can handle. And here she is all smiles for a picture to show her favorite Tia and Jesse a quick peek before they see here in person.

Does she not look like her mother.... I have to bring myself back to the present many times because it's like having Shannon at 4... ready for school, smarter than she needs to be and curious. The other day I asked her if she was going to Kelly's in the morning (She hadn't been to Kelly's for 4 days) and she said "yes.... my friends are going to be so delighted to see me" What 4 year old says delighted!!

Okay so here's a couple flower pictures for those who can't wait to see how the garden is changing. It's been hot and dry (our kind of weather).

While taking pictures the other night I gave Shannon and John a lesson (rule of thirds) neither one of them really cared what I was talking about but here is a picture Shan took of the sunsetting. I think she did very well, not the rule of thirds but a cool picture. I'll try again some other day.

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